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3 Simple Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2021

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Each year it gets harder to find the perfect gift, but Kala Body can help.

Mum's have to be the best managers of life. They give birth to us, train us, support us and provide love to us. How much of a toll does this take on our mothers. A Lot right??

Here are some simple ideas to help show you mum how much you appreciate everything she has done for you.

Remedial Massage

Does you mum have any back or shoulder pain bothering her from all the years of raising children.

I don't know a mother who doesn't.

Why not treat her to a remedial massage and let the therapist help reduce any pain and stress locked inside the body. We have vouchers starting from $50 here

Remedial Massage Gifts

Photo Books

I know my mother loves this. Turn all those photos on your phone of your family and life and share it will your mother. She will be showing it off to her friends in no time.

Some amazing sites that I have used are:

Reliable and prompt services - you can always trust vista print.

Super easy mobile phone app, so you can make a photo book straight from your phone in about 30 minutes.

Custom Cards Gifts

Custom Cards or Home Made Cards

Forget about a $7 supermarket card. A card that comes from the heart is so much more. Why not get your family involved, print it at home using design software like Canva, or get a customised card from Moon Pig, or best of all, make a hand made card using old photos, or children's drawings or some kind of memory.

Happy Mothers Day

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