Covid-19 - How it changed Kala Body

It has been a crazy time at Kala Body. It felt like my world was crashing down around me when this pandemic set it.

So many emotions, so many tears, it was hard to image what was going to happen.

Kala Body was lucky, I manage to have a small team that really made my business what it is and without their support, we wouldn't be opening our doors again and so soon.

Although we are far from being fully operational. We have taken steps to get up and running to make sure we continue to support our amazing clients.

We are able to open

It was confirmed just recently that Remedial Massage is considered an essential service. There were many debates within our industry and the government to push us through as we differ from your standard massage parlour or therapist.

Although we are able to open, we have decided to focus on just our existing clients while the lock downs are still in place. However, it may change over the coming weeks.

Find more information here

Our staff

We are lucky enough to keep all our amazing staff, thanks to government support, so we can continue to help treat our clients.

Updated Hygiene Policy

Kala Body has always taken hygiene very seriously, but we have added extra precautions to make sure that we all stay as well as possible. So you can feel assured we have your health well cared for by ensuring the following;

  • All therapist will wear masks

  • We will test you temperature on arrival

  • Our towels will continue to be commercially laundered at 90 degrees

  • Tables and chairs will continue to be thoroughly cleaned with an alcohol solution

  • Hand Sanitiser available to clients and staff

  • All clients and staff must wash there hands for 20 seconds before and after appointments

  • Clients will need to complete a Covid-19 Health Check Survey before their appointment for everyone's safety

  • All staff have participated in Covid-19 Infection Control Training provided by the government.

More information can be found here in relation to Covid-19 Hygiene Standards.


We started only treating existing clients to ensure that we were not part of the problem, but as of Monday 18th May, we have open to the public as we have a strict hygiene policy in place. Making us the best place to visit during the restrictions.

You can now book online or call 0413 045 653

Online Store

We now have an online store for those of you who love our amazing products.

Most of our products are Australian Made & Eco Friendly, unless stated.

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Now accepting Spa Vouchers

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