Covid-19 - How it changed Kala Body

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

It has been a crazy time at Kala Body. It felt like my world was crashing down around me when this pandemic set it.

So many emotions, so many tears, it was hard to image what was going to happen.

Kala Body was lucky, I manage to have a small team that really made my business what it is and without their support, we wouldn't have made it through the initial lock down period.

Although we are far from being fully operational. We have taken steps to get up and running to make sure we continue to support our amazing clients.

We are able to open

It was confirmed in the first round of lock downs that Remedial Massage is considered an essential service. There were many debates within our industry and the government to push us through as we differ from your standard massage parlour or relaxation therapist.

Although we are able to open, we want to limit appointments to those that are essential appointments.

Essential massage meaning that you have a health concern or pain that needs to be treated.

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Our staff

We are lucky enough to keep all our amazing staff, thanks to government support, so we can continue to help treat our clients.