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Remedial Massage at Kala Body.

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

What happens in a Remedial Massage?

Will it be painful?

Will it help?

Have you never had a Remedial Massage?

Wondered how it is differs to a relaxation massage?

This blog is for you.


Know you are in qualified hands

Remedial Massage Kala Body

Kala Body Therapists are qualified with a minimum of a Diploma of Remedial Massage. Our training has not stopped there.

We further our Professional Development way beyond the Diploma to be stand out therapists.

Every treatment will be unique

Remedial Massage uses assessments to find the imbalances and posture inconsistencies. This helps the therapist see the relationship between your muscles and joints.

In finding all about your activities in your daily living we assess and plan the massage treatment especially for you.

No two Remedial Massages will be the same.

We instruct you on how to lie on the table and what to wear

We will leave the room while you change and we leave a towel to the side so you can drape it over you.

Draping is a crucial part of the treatment and you are respectfully covered to industry standard with exception to the area that we are treating.

You will never feel exposed or uncomfortable in any treatment.

The room temperature will be warm in winter and cool in summer and we will adjust to your liking. Music can be requested on arrival if the current playlist is not to your liking.

The beginning of the Remedial Massage treatment

We use compression through the towel and with this we start to know where you need the most work.

We warm up the soft tissue with balms and minimum oils and get the muscle and fascial tissues ready for deeper work.

Beginning with this technique allows a connection to the soft tissues and to really know what is needed and where.

Why we use less oil in a Remedial massage

Connection to the muscles and soft tissue is obtained by using a minimal amount of oil.

We will use creams and balms with a coconut oil and beeswax base to deeply connect with the muscles to treat the tender spots in your muscles that cause pain.

This is what makes a Remedial Massage feel so different from a Relaxation Massage.

We work to your comfort levels

Remedial Relaxation Massage

Everyones pain is

subjective and there are many factors that effect the way we perceive pain.

Not all Remedial Massages are painful and sometimes there is pain or a achey feeling deep in the muscles. This is your muscles telling us that there is a tender spot to treat.

Tender spots to some clients feel very satisfying to treat. Some find it uncomfortable in the beginning although it will never feel unbearable. We can stop at anytime.

Like eating chilli's clients become used to the pressure and some times want more.

We are just the facilitator

Your body has the innate ability to heal itself.

Remedial Massage Therapists are just the facilitator to your own healing and we help your body speed up that process.

If we locate a sore spot and bring it to your body's attention it goes right into action to heal that area.

How absolutely amazing is the human body?

If you can't imagine how that would work on the inside think about the last time you scratched or burnt your self. Now look where the wound would of been. Has it healed?

When massage is specifically treating injuries and tender spots it can have a similar effect. It brings the fresh blood to the area while reducing your stress hormones that effect the normal running of your body systems.

Completing the treatment.

Through out the treatment we will give you tips and tricks to feel better in your week and maybe even a couple stretches or self massage techniques to get you through your week.

We will also tell you what to expect over the next few days and the general rule is you will feel a little achy like you have been to the gym after Christmas break and then by day three you will feel your best.

We will create a unique Remedial Massage treatment plan for you and we will suggest a follow up treatment with you in a weeks time.

Your health way beyond the treatment it important. We care about YOU!

To sum it all up

To feel your absolutely amazing self; regular massage can be life changing.

It works by healing and correcting imbalances that we get from every day life.

Sitting all day at the desk and looking down at your mobile can change your posture and put pressure on muscles.

This can cause referred pain such as headaches and is in most cases easy to treat.


Let our amazing therapists 'Empower your Health and Wellbeing' today and join the many Kala Body clients who find it life changing!

Are you ready to feel your absolute best in life?

Book a treatment today as we can't wait to meet you.

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