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What makes a good therapist? We asked one our Remedial Therapist

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We decided to ask one of our favorite therapists, Kendall, what she thought made a good therapist. The answer will surprise you...

Remedial Therapist

What do you think makes a good therapist?

Someone who listens to what brings you to the clinic on that particular day.

Clients & their needs can change - asking the right questions & checking in each visit to see what the clients wants to get out of the treatment is really important.

Staying up to date and current with latest research, techniques and skills. Being selective in our sources, making sure they are trustworthy, reputable and ensuring best practice.

A therapist who takes care of themselves! Clients can see through us! A therapist should be 100% present, focused and taking good care of themselves. We can't take good care of our clients if we aren't looking after US! Both mentally and physically.

Have you been to other therapists?

Yes - I think it's important to. Not only for our own treatment. But as a reminder what it's like to be a client. Sometimes it's easy to forget how painful things can be. How it feels to be on the table.

It's also a great way to share & trade different ways of treating - and to see what feels good/what doesn't.

Did you every have a bad therapist experience?

I'm pretty lucky - I haven't had any 'bad' experiences as such.

We would like to thank Kendall for her lovely words.

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