Pre-Race & Recovery Massage

Kala Body will help you get in your best physical shape possible before your upcoming marathon or race.

Benefits of Pre Race & Recover Massage


  • Reduced muscle soreness from training

  • Lengthens muscles for performance

  • Helps reduce pain

  • Balances hormones by reducing cortisol

  • Improves blood flow and circulation

  • Improved mental focus

  • Injury reduction

Here are some essential questions we have answered when it comes to pre-race & recovery massage.

How many massages required before a race?

We recommend at least three remedial massages before your event.

When is the latest I should get a pre-race massage?

Three days before the event we recommend your last massage should be at the latest. If you do book the day before, we recommend a light pressure massage to avoid injury.

Best time to get a recovery massage after a race?

It is recommended to have a massage at least 24 hours after your run.

Initial Consultation

Pre-Race & Recovery Massage 

Health Insurance Rebates Available*

First time at Kala Body? Initial Consultation is needed so we can take extra care of you before your race.



Pre-Race & Recovery 

Remedial Massage

Health Insurance Rebates Available*

Been to Kala Body before? Book your remedial massage service and advise our team that you require pre-race or recovery treatment so we can provide you with the best results.



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