Suitable for people who like very firm pressure.


The Cork Roller is perfect for larger muscle groups like quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and thoracic spine. The Cork Roller is more intense than regular rollers due to its smaller diameter and firm material. It covers more surface area for fast relief of aches and pains. It is less intense than the Cork Baller and Cork Peanut. Cork roller has a lower profile and is firmer, meaning it can be easier to use under calves, quads and adductors, unlike high profile foam types. If you already have a larger foam type roller this is a great addition to your mobility kit. Keep your current roller to compare and use for variety.


SIZE: 30cm long x 10cm diameter (regular rollers around 15cm diameter)


WEIGHT: 900 grams


FEATURES: - 100% natural cork - Firmer for persistent problem areas and knots - Carry bag friendly

Mobeco Cork Roller