​Our qualified therapists treat the soft tissues of the body using massage techniques that warm up these areas. They will also customise your treatment around your specific needs, finding tender spots or knots to help create a balance in your body. 

All our therapist have a Remedial Massage qualification, fully insured and maintain their training to be up-to-date with techniques.


The therapist uses heated smooth natural Basalt Volcanic Stones and moves them in a rhythmic massage sequence for relaxation and uses them to treat knots and tender areas as part of your remedial massage.


Lymphatic drainage massage is a very light and gentle massage that helps stimulate the circulation of the lymph fluid in your body. There will be no pressing into the actual muscle itself like a remedial massage.

The aim of this treatment is to help expel waste from your body that is not efficiently able to do itself.

This treatment will benefit clients who experience swelling of legs and feet, chronic fluid retention, hormonal imbalances and stress.  Learn more


Myotherapists are qualified to assist people who suffer from chronic pain of musculoskeletal conditions.

Myotherapy is a physical therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain, and restrictive joint movement.​

This is a more advanced treatment of remedial massage.



A Kala Body Remedial Massage Therapist is fully trained to assist you in your postnatal recovery and help with any discomfort or pain after the birth of your child.

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