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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your therapists qualified?
    Yes - we certainly are. All Kala Body therapists are qualified and some are qualified for different types of treatments eg pregnancy massage
  • Do you get referrals from Doctors or other Health Professionals?
    Yes - Some of the conditions we see in our Windsor clinic: ​ General aches and pains Tension headaches TMJ Syndrome Sports injuries Correcting posture and use of computers and mobile Back pain Hip Pain Joint issues Subacute and chronic injuries such as bulging discs Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome Clients wanting to improve their performance at work Sports performance and injury reduction Referrals come from: Physiotherapist Osteopaths Chiropractors GP's Natural Therapy health professionals.​
  • Why do other modalities such as Osteopath refer to Remedial Massage?
    Simply, we can complement their work. Our treatments can really assist theirs by treating a range of soft tissues in a longer time frame so they can concentrate on your rehabilitation. This works really well with Osteopathy and Physiotherapy as often their time is limited.
  • Is remedial massage covered by health insurance?
    Yes- depending on your cover, you can have access to insurance rebates as we are a Remedial Massage Therapist and a full assessment is conducted. Please see your individual provider for their conditions. We Offer Hicaps which covers most health funds listed here
  • Will my massage hurt?
    There may be some discomfort when treating tense/sore muscles. However the treatment will be tailored to individual pain thresholds. A massage should never be unbearable, advise our therapist if this is the case.
  • What should I expect at my first appointment?
    Prior to your appointment you will fill out an online health form. On arrival your therapist will conduct an initial assessment to tailor the massage to our specific needs. After your massage your therapist may discuss the massage with you to create a treatment plan with you.
  • Do we only massage women?
    We massage all genders and are a Family massage therapist who specialises in Remedial, Pregnancy, Postnatal and Lymphatic Massage.
  • Do we massage children?
    We occasionally massage children over 12 although a guardian must be present in the room. We recommend a shorter session of 40min.
  • What should I wear during my massage?
    Underwear is to be worn at all times. For lymphatic drainage massage please do not wear tight fitting underwear. You will be covered with a towel at all times, except for the areas being treated. The therapist will leave the room when you are getting changed.
  • How often should I get a massage?
    This can depend on individual needs. At the end of your initial treatment your therapist will discuss a treatment plan with you. Initially you may need to attend every 1-2 weeks. We then try to reduce this to maintenance visits when needed.
  • What should I expect after my massage?
    Blood pressure drops when getting a massage as you relax so make sure you take your time getting off the massage table. We advise having a drink of water after your massage, especially if you had a lymphatic drainage massage. You may feel instant relief after your massage and have a better range of motion. However we say to expect best results in 2-3 days. You may feel a little sore the next day, similar to how you feel after doing a big workout (DOMS). If you feel sore longer than 3 days please contact your therapist.
  • Can anyone receive a massage?
    Massage is suitable for almost everyone. It is suitable for all ages. However there are contraindications for massage. So please make sure you fill out your health form accurately and truthfully.
  • Do you offer gift vouchers?
    Yes! What a great present to give someone to show you care!
  • What is the difference between deep tissue massage and remedial massage?
    Deep tissue massage is a technique that uses strong pressure to get deep into the muscles to relieve tension. Remedial massage uses a range of techniques to tailor the treatment to your needs. These techniques can include deep tissue massage, Myofascial release, mobilizations, muscle energy techniques (MET), Trigger point therapy, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).
  • Why should you get a remedial massage treatment?
    Among the many powerful benefits of Remedial Massage, the ability to be adapted to what you need at any given time is high on the list. You may book a Treatment because you’re feeling a specific pain in a certain part of your body, or you may be feeling a bit tense, achy or sore all over, you might need some well deserved time out, or one of the less spoken about beauties of regular massage is it’s role maintenance and prevention. Having regular treatment is invaluable to your well being. In much the same way a car needs a regular service to prevent bigger problems arising, or catch small issues before they become more serious, our bodies need the same care. A regular treatment keeps the systems and tissues moving, allows time and space for recovery and recuperation, in turn preventing a build up of tension and potential injury.
  • Are the massage oils you use safe? ​
    Yes! we love the healing of oils. We only use special massage oils safe for each stage of pregnancy. We can also use plain coconut oil if you prefer. All pregnancy massage oils made by Pregnancy Massage Australia.
  • Do I have to lie on my stomach? ​
    No! Kala Body does not make you lie on your stomach. We have an electric table that can be adjusted to help you on to the table. We also make sure that you lie on the side (safest for your growing womb) and well supported with expert cushioning. We can also educate you on the best position for sleeping to help prevent restless nights.
  • Are there differences between a standard massage and a pregnancy massage?
    Yes! Our therapist has studied the best massage techniques as well as knowing all the acupressure points to avoid during pregnancy.
  • Is my therapist trained in pregnancy massage?
    Three of our pregnancy massage therapists are certified in Pregnancy Massage Australia. - Chloe, Megan & Mamie The most important aim of our treatments is the health and wellbeing of women.
  • When should I start getting a pregnancy massage?
    You can begin at any time - we will do a full assessment when you come in. We will then customise your treatment based on the trimester and stage of pregnancy. We do recommend that you start as soon as possible to get the best possible outcome from your treatment.
  • Can I still get a massage if I am a High-Risk Pregnancy?
    There are some instances where we need a doctor’s release to ok you for your massage. If you are suffering from any other following please check in with your GP first and bring along a written letter of consent to your massage treatment. ​ Blood pressure and Liver conditions disorders including: ​ Pre-eclampsia HELLP (advanced pre-eclampsia) Severe Chronic Hypertension Moderate to Severe gestational hypertension ​ Placental Dysfunctions including: ​ Placenta previa History of partial placenta abruption during pregnancy or in former pregnancy Symptoms of Bleeding Polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) Blood clots Restricted to bed rest
  • Does health insurance cover pregnancy massage?
    Yes! Depending on your cover, you can have access to insurance rebates as we are a Remedial Massage Therapist who provides a full assessment. Please see your health care provider for their conditions.
  • How often should I get a pregnancy massage?
    For best results we recommend getting a pregnancy massage every 2-4 weeks. This allows us to create a treatment plan to help reduce your pain and tension.
  • Do you use a pregnancy Belly Pillow?
    We do not use a Prone (facing down) pregnancy pillow at Kala body. During the second and third trimester we treat women in a side lying position. This position is optimal for spine positioning. It also takes pressure off the vena cava, the round and broad ligaments, and the bladder. The side lying position is a very nurturing and comfortable position for the mother, as we use plenty of draping for privacy, and special Dentons pregnancy pillows for maximum comfort.
  • How long should my massage be?
    Pregnancy massage can be booked for either 60 or 80 minutes. Depending on how many areas need to be focused on.
  • What products do you use?
    We use a natural coconut oil for our pregnancy massage treatments as there are no contraindications associated. We may also use Amazing oils magnesium spray which is safe to use and helps with muscle aches and cramps- a common problem with pregnancy, especially in the calves.
  • Do you sell Pregnancy products?
    Clients love Dentons pillows for support and Amazing oil for restless leg and calf cramping.
  • Why are Kala Body stones different from most clinics?
    Our stones are natural and feel smooth, natural, and conduct and hold heat longer. (Most stones in other clinics are crushed basalt and have a glass-like texture and don’t retain heat well).
  • How are the stones heated?
    We use a special Hot-Stone heater that has a temperature control for safety.
  • How do you clean the stones?
    They are cleaned with 70% alcohol sanitiser and a detergent as well as being heated 60c. This ensures they are very hygienic and clinically safe.
  • What makes a Kala Body Hot Stone Massage a Remedial treatment?
    We assess, create an unique treatment plan to your needs and it is goal and results driven. We treat where the body needs it- no sequence and every massage will be different?
  • I thought Hot Stones were only for winter?
    No, actually the hot stones are used in countries that don’t have a cold winter; like Hawaii. We have an airconditioned room and the hot stones will still be effective and feel amazing in any season. Why don’t you try it?!
  • Can Hot Stones be used in the Pregnancy Massage?
    Yes, they are safe to use and bring great relief to the gluteal area and pave the way to deep work. Some pregnant clients feel too hot with extra blood flow and can decide on each visit if it’s not for them.
  • Can I ask for a Hot-Stone massage in the clinic?
    Yes you can. We usually have them on every day. In the event that they are not we can have them heated in ten minutes which will not change the treatment as we start without them.
  • When can I get my first Postpartum massage?
    If you have a vaginal birth and you have no post birth infections you can come for a massage as soon as you leave the hospital. Usually this would be around 5days after birth. For a Belly Birth/Caesarean section it is when the wound has healed which can take from 5-7 weeks. If you have a look at the scar there should be no oozing and the skin should look rounded and smooth and not like it could split. If you are not ready to look at the scar(which is totally normal use the 5/7 week mark as a guide or get a partner to have a look.
  • How does Remedial Massage help with feeding?
    Our focus is on the areas that will be feeling new tension. We help the tight muscles release and this creates balance so feeding and picking up your baby will be easier.
  • What else can a Postnatal Remedial massage help with?
    Posture and sitting in a chair without the right support can be painful and stressful. We can help talk you through stretches, posture change tips and have products in the clinic that can help you.
  • Am I covered with my Health insurance rebate?
    As it is a Remedial Massage and our therapists are all Diploma qualified and compliant you will be able to claim if you have the right insurance cover. Please check with your provider.
  • I have a gift voucher although it’s too hard to visit the clinic?
    No problems, the voucher is valid for three days from purchase. You can book a future appointment online and it can be changed within 24hours if you are unable to attend. We will be here when you are ready and able to book in.
  • Today I’m feeling terrible, tired & overwhelmed?"
    This is absolutely normal, new parents often come in feeling this way. All we want and aim to do is make you feel better. You will find it helps get you through those hard days. The more massage the better you will feel in this huge adjustment time of your life. We welcome you however you are on the day. Our therapists will take care of you and use the Remedial Massage to reduce the stress inducing hormones and reduce tension and pain. Again you’ve got this and we are here at Kala Body to support you through. We also have some great support charities we and previous clients recommend: PANDA - Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia If you are finding this time difficult and you are not coping your GP can also help you get through with resources and external support. Any questions email:
  • What is the Lymphatic system?
    Your lymphatic system helps eliminate your body’s waste. A healthy, active lymphatic system uses the natural movements of smooth muscle tissue to do this.
  • Who should avoid a lymphatic drainage massage?
    lymphatic massage is not recommended for people with the following conditions: - congestive heart failure - history of blood clots or stroke - current infection - liver problems - kidney problems
  • What is MLD or Manual Lymphatic Drainage?
    Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD is a technique developed for treatment of swollen lymph nodes. MLD is a light, skin-stretching massage that helps promote the movement of lymphatic fluid out of the swollen limb. It should not be confused with a traditional massage. MLD is specifically focused on the lymph vessels to help the flow of lymphatic fluid. Therapy is applied to your unaffected areas first, making it possible for the fluid to move out of the affected area, or “decongest” the region. MLD helps open the remaining functioning lymph collectors and move protein and fluid into them, as well as to help speed up lymph fluid flow through the lymphatics.
  • What if I don't like Lymphatic Drainage during treatment or realise it isn't what I wanted?
    If you do not like the treatment or thought it was going to be different to what is is, please let your therapist know and they can switch to another remedial treatment. Feel free to discuss your concerns with the therapist so they can explain the difference.
  • What kind of pressure is used in Lymphatic Drainage massage?
    It is a very light pressure. It should be similar to rolling an egg without breaking it. The overall treatment consists of manually moving the fluid towards the lymph nodes, which uses very slow and light massage techniques. If you are looking for a deeper tissue massage, we recommend Remedial Massage.
  • What happens after a lymphatic drainage massage?
    After the massage the client will instructed to drink plenty of water the following 24 hours to help the process of fluid removal.
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