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Remedial Postnatal Massage

Massage can help

We can help you adjust to these new demands in your life

‘You are on your L plates’ all over again my own Mum tells me in experiencing the scary moment a baby comes home. 


Remedial Massage can be so helpful for both parents. Happier parents help make the baby bubble that much easier to get through. 


Before you know it you will be finding things easier and the Kala Body Remedial Massage will be part of your all-important time out. 


You’ve got this!

Mother and Baby

How is postnatal massage different from remedial massage?

The techniques and assessment are the same; they are goal-oriented and about getting the best results. 


The difference is in the knowledge we have with the recovery of birth, sleep deprivation and feeding demands. 


We ask the right questions, help with correcting posture and treat the areas of need to make it easier to get through your week.


We can also help with advice on how to reduce the occurrence of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) that can be caused from how parents pick up and hold their baby. 

Empowering you

Get control of your hormones and your body, Post-Natal Massage gives you time and the care you need to be able to be the best mother you can be.


Improvements you may experience

  • Helps parents adjust to a massive life-style change 

  • Helps your body recover from birth

  • Eases feeding/pumping pain & tension 

  • Helps ease body aches for sitting for long hours  

  • A break & time for yourself 

  • Eases symptoms of sleep deprivation

  • We can reduce symptoms of RSI injuries-Carpal Tunnel/De Quervain’s tenosynovitis 

  • Helps reduce postpartum blues & ease you through those hard days and weeks

  • The best gift you can give a new parent in the first three months.

Testimonial Postnatal Massage


"Being 4 months postpartum I had a number of aches and pains. Chloe was amazing and her expertise and knowledge of massage during pregnancy and beyond is very clear. She explained everything clearly and answered all my questions. I booked another massage next week. Highly recommend."

Google Reviews

Feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable?

Support is available to new or expecting parents. Visit the following sites.

Happy Mother with her Child

Ready to empower your health & wellbeing through remedial postnatal massage?

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