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Remedial Massage

Your health & wellbeing
is our focus

Remedial Massage is an extremely versatile Complementary Therapy that can be suited to just about anyone!


Whether you are a valued regular client or brand new to the clinic, our highly trained, thorough and passionate therapist will check in with you at the beginning of each appointment to plan a treatment focused on what you need each time.

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Your customised massage treatment

Remember to breathe!!


Do keep in mind that a treatment doesn’t necessarily HAVE to hurt to be effective! Massage isn’t about “no pain, no gain”.


In saying that, during some treatments, or when certain techniques are applied, there might be a certain level of discomfort or pressure. Nothing should ever reach a level of pain or discomfort you can not comfortably handle.


Feel free to discuss the pressure you prefer before and during your treatment. It is your time on the table and the more comfortable you are, the better the treatment will be!

Empowering you

Your therapist may recommend some stretches, exercises or small things you can do in your day to day to make sure you feel the benefits of your massage well after you leave the clinic. We’re passionate about empowering you!

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Improvements you may experience

  • Increased circulation throughout the body

  • Less tension in muscles and connective tissue

  • Increase movement and function of joints

  • Decrease in aches, pain and inflammation

  • Improved function of musculoskeletal framework

  • Increased movement of fascia

  • Decrease stress, anxiety & a boost in mood

  • Improved flexibility or range of motion

  • Improved function of respiratory, digestive, lymphatic and nervous systems

  • Improved sleep


River Satya

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

"One of the best, if not the best, massage I've ever had. Chloe was skilled, professional, intuitive and a great communication. Highly recommended. I'll be back."

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Ready to empower your health & wellbeing through remedial massage?

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