Massage Treatments

​Our qualified therapists treat the soft tissues of the body using massage techniques that warm up these areas. They will also customise your treatment around your specific needs, finding tender spots or knots to help create a balance in your body. 


  • Speed up recovery from injury/tension 

  • Significantly improves sleep especially on the day of your massage

  • Balances hormones by reducing cortisol

  • Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety 

  • Lengthens tight muscles and soft tissue

  • Improves blood flow and circulation

  • Helps the lymphatic system

  • Creates a feeling of wellbeing and gives you time away from the everyday (mobile phones especially)

  • Regular massage has fantastic results with many of our clients. 


See our Massage FAQ for more information.

Initial Consultation & Massage 

Health Insurance Rebates Available*

First time at Kala Body? Initial Consultation is needed if you are claiming for health insurance rebate. It will allow for a portion of your booking to be allocated to assess your remedial massage needs. This applies to both Remedial Massage and Pregnancy Massage.



Pregnancy Remedial Massage 

Health Insurance Rebates Available*

A Kala Body Remedial Massage Therapist is fully trained to assist in reducing and sometimes preventing pain associated with pregnancy.

Note: If it is your first appointment with us, please select "Initial Remedial Massage" consultation here for your preferred time so we can assess you appropriately.




Hot Stones Massage

*Rebates Available

The therapist uses heated smooth natural Basalt Volcanic Stones and moves them in a rhythmic massage sequence for Relaxation and uses them to treat knots and tender areas in the Remedial Massage as heat therapy.

Book your initial appointment here



Remedial Massage

Health Insurance Rebates Available*

Our expert Remedial Therapists are trained and skilled in finding these tense and weak muscles and we work to lengthen and strengthen using tried and tested techniques. We get fantastic results! 



Relaxation Massage

No Rebates

Relaxation massage uses techniques based on Swedish massage. It is a sequence of rhythmic and kneading movements on your soft muscle tissue to help relax the entire body.  

Perfect if you are looking for a light relaxing massage.



Partner Labour  Massage 


Seeing your partner give birth can be confronting. But truth is, seeing your partner in pain can make you feel powerless, inadequate, or anxious. You can still play an important role as the physical support person and massage is one of the valuable tools you should have up your sleeve!




Massage FAQ's

Are your therapists qualified?

Yes - we certainly are. All Kala Body therapists are qualified and some are qualified for different types of treatments eg pregnancy massage.

Do you get referrals from Doctors or other Health Professionals?

Yes -  Some of the conditions we see in our Windsor clinic: 

  • General aches and pains 

  • Tension headaches

  • TMJ Syndrome

  • Sports injuries

  • Correcting posture and use of computers and mobile

  • Back pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Joint issues 

  • Subacute and chronic injuries such as bulging discs

  • Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome

  • Clients wanting to improve their performance at work

  • Sports performance and injury reduction

Referrals come from:


  • Physiotherapist

  • Osteopaths

  • Chiropractors 

  • GP's

  • Natural Therapy health professionals.​



Why do you get referrals for remedial massage?

Simply, we can complement their work. Our treatments can really assist theirs by treating a range of soft tissues in a longer time frame so they can concentrate on your rehabilitation. This works really well with Osteopathy and Physiotherapy as often their time is limited.

Is remedial massage covered by health insurance?

Yes- depending on your cover, you can have access to insurance rebates as we are a Remedial Massage Therapist and a full assessment is conducted. Please see your individual provider for their conditions.

High-Risk Pregnancy?

There are some instances where we need a doctor’s release to ok you for your massage.  If you are suffering from any other following please check in with your GP first and bring along a written letter of consent to your massage treatment. 

Blood pressure and Liver conditions disorders including:

  • Pre-eclampsia

  • HELLP (advanced pre-eclampsia)

  • Severe Chronic Hypertension

  • Moderate to Severe gestational hypertension

Placental Dysfunctions including:

  • Placenta previa

  • History of partial placenta abruption during pregnancy or in former pregnancy

  • Symptoms of Bleeding

  • Polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid)

  • Blood clots

  • Restricted to bed rest

Looking for a remedial massage therapist near me or nearby?  Kala Body is located in the heart of Windsor, just off Chapel Street. Our location is central and easily accessible from Prahran, Caulfield, St Kilda, South Yarra, Malvern.

Kala Body Remedial Massage

5/40 Green St

Windsor, Melbourne 3181

Also close to:

Prahran, St Kilda & South Yarra

Ph: 1300 657 686


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