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Remedial Hot Stone Massage

Improved range of movement with hot stones

Our treatment combines remedial massage with hot stone massage to create a signature treatment at Kala Body.

The hot stones warm the body and muscles, through soothing warm motions and we then provide targeted remedial treatment to your areas of concern.

We love how our treatment melts body tension away, making your feel warm and calm while improving posture and range of body movement. 


Your customised remedial hot stone massage treatment

After a quick assessment and treatment plan, we begin our treatment by cooling the heated volcanic basalt stones to a workable temperature, while we massage the area with a small amount of oil or massage cream for a firmer treatment. 

As we apply the stones to your body, we will check the temperature to ensure it is suitable for you.

Our treatment will move between using our elbows, knuckles and hands in between applying stones to achieve the best results.

By the end of the treatment, you will wish it would never end like most of our happy clients.

Empowering you

A Remedial Hot Stone Massage will allow you to relax more during your treatment allowing you to obtain the combined benefits of heat therapy and massage.

Hot Stone Massage 6

What are hot stones?

  • Volcanic origin 

  • Naturally smooth from river erosion 

  • Heated above 60c for sterilisation

  • Reduced to 57c when in use 

  • The hot hand method ensures no burn

  • We ensure we get the heat right for each client

Remedial hot stones are perfect for

  • Clients who find it hard to relax in a massage 

  • Lots of tension, stress or trigger points (knots) in the body 

  • Great in pregnancy 

  • Great in sports massage as a heat therapy

  • Gift Vouchers & gifting 

  • Clients who love heat


Testimonial remedial hot stone massage


"My Hot stone remedial massage was bliss & just what my mind & body needed. I loved that Chloe took the time to ask me about my body, what it needed and emotionally where I was and then tailored the massage for me. The hot stones were amazing and so warming"

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Ready to empower your health & wellbeing through hot stone massage?

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