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Established 2013

It was a dream of the owner, Chloë, to completely change the direction of her life and make the scary but essential jump into a completely new career direction.

Always having a passion for helping people, Chloë naturally led herself to the field of Remedial Massage and mentoring massage therapists to be their best. 


It gave her a great amount of joy to know that she could help people physically and mentally overcome their issues through the power of massage and inspire a new way of thinking about their health. 

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Empowering your health & wellbeing

Our mantra of "empowering your health and wellbeing", which has been associated with the business since day one, and is the basis of every treatment, massage and support you get from Kala Body.

Kala Body not only empowers our clients but we also empower our amazing therapists. We ensure the team has the best equipment, tools, skills and education to provide exceptional remedial massage to all our clients.

The meaning of "Kala"

Chloë chose the name "Kala" as the meaning of the word resonated with her vision.

Kala is a Hawaiian word that simply means: To loosen, untie, free, release, remove, unburden, absolve, let go, acquit, take off, undo.

- sourced from Hawaiian Dictionaries

It also has the meaning of personal growth; be brave and stop putting limitations on yourself.  You can then be free of the inner voice that says we can't achieve, like opening a business or changing your career,

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Kala Body Clinic

Our clinic

Kala Body is located in a beautiful Victorian house just on the corner of Green St and Farrel Way. We have a large beautiful room at this location, where we have created a peaceful retreat in the heart of busy Chapel Street.


Our room is equipt with:

  • air conditioning,

  • air purifier,

  • a heated table in winter

  • electric adjustable table to help you on and off

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