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Director of Kala Body

Remedial &

Pregnancy Massage Practitioner

Chloë's background was mainly in the luxury retail environments both here in Melbourne and London.

With a love for meeting people, a kind and empathetic nature she knew she wanted to transfer her skills to help people. 

Stumbling on a Remedial Massage course everything fell into place and Chloë found a career her life passion in her mid 30's. 

With a curious mind and experience in brands such as Tiffany & Co and Harrods Chloe opened the business in 2013. 

The mission was to continue to learn and grow and deliver a boutique Remedial massage experience with the balance of empowering clients and employees health and well-being. 


She understood that when her client's and her own body felt balanced, everything else in life was easier to manage. 

From there, clients began to announce their pregnancies and wanting to know more Chloë trained in Pregnancy & Postnatal massage. Supporting woman and families through this time has become a rewarding part of her business. 

Chloë has continued with her business being small as she wants to deliver an experience.


Smaller shifts and a small gap for preparation between appointments ensure the clients receive a high quality focused treatment from her and her team.

Chloë welcomes you to Kala Body and looks forward to continuing to deliver a high level of customer service in a beautiful space for you and her team.


Remedial Massage, Manual Lymphatic (MLD)

& Pregnancy Massage Therapist


Megan joined our team in July 2020 when Melbourne was in lockdown. She took it on the chin and proved herself a hugely valuable member of the team. 

Megan loves the gym and yoga and has a great understanding of how the body works and the benefits massage can acheive. 

She also is skilled at MLD and works with clients lymphatic system.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage has shown to improve fluid retention, increase the bodies ability to move lymph fluid to support the bodies immunity response. 

Pregnancy Massage is also part of her skill set and she delivers a great deep tissue massage to our Mums to be.


Within one year she has a loyal client base and consistently booked a couple of weeks in advance with a waitlist. 

You will also see Megan posting videos on our Instagram page around self-care.


Megan loves working at Kala Body as it is aligned with helping and empowering people to achieve their health and well-being goals.


Megan specialises in Remedial, Sports preperation/recovery massage, Lymphatic Drainage, & Pregnancy Massage.