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How I found my purpose as a Remedial Therapist

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Chloë at work.

Quitting my job and a chance trip to Bali I made an unlikely discovery that would change my direction in life.

Quitting my retail job of nearly 10 years left me wondering what was around the corner and what would I possibly decide to do? Had I made the right decision? Would I regret it? Could I pay my mortgage in a couple of months? All these questions were swimming around in my head.

A timely invite to Bali would be the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax and rejuvenate.

First day in Bali I was exhausted and didn’t want to move from the Villa and it was a perfect opportunity to start the holiday with a massage.

The therapist came in with her table and looked so small and unassuming.

I lay down covered by a beautiful balinese sarong. From the first very compression I started to unwind, consciously breathing and melting into the table. Her pressure was deep and as she melted away the tension I started to feel myself again.

20 minutes into the massage I opened my eyes wide through the face hole looking at a bowl of beautiful frangipani flowers. 'Yes, a massage course would be perfect. I'll do a course until I work out what I want to do.'

Inspired after my massage I jumped of the table looked up courses and found one that was starting on my return. Nervous and excited I was going back to study.

I loved every minute of my course. I participated, studied and practiced my heart out. Classes I missed I would catch up on and I had my head constantly in a muscle book. For the first time I loved every bit of study.

After I completed the Remedial Diploma and then was asked to teach. What an amazing experience that was! It was like doing the massage course three times and no longer had a fear of speaking publicly.

What was my next step? Why not open a massage business! Like a bull in a china shop I went ahead without much thought of what was involved. Wow was that a lesson learned.

With the help of friends and participating in a government new business scheme I forged ahead with years of customer service and a want to help people feel better.

Now, three and a half years later I have another therapist and my client base has grown to fully booked. I'm receiving amazing business coaching and I'm working full time in the business. I love my job.

One client recently said to me that they love coming to me for massages, as they know I really 'care' about them. This makes my heart want to burst, as this is why I love my job in helping people.

With beautiful clients and all the support I have been receiving from friends and family and coaching I am in the very best of places.

There is nothing like finding your purpose. It's almost like it finds YOU!

If you are not there yet go on and be brave. You may have to quit something. You may have to study. You may have to change your lifestyle for a while to find it.

I know you can do it, I believe in you.

Kala Body Clinic

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