How I found my purpose as a Remedial Therapist

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Chloë at work.

Quitting my job and a chance trip to Bali I made an unlikely discovery that would change my direction in life.

Quitting my retail job of nearly 10 years left me wondering what was around the corner and what would I possibly decide to do? Had I made the right decision? Would I regret it? Could I pay my mortgage in a couple of months? All these questions were swimming around in my head.

A timely invite to Bali would be the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax and rejuvenate.

First day in Bali I was exhausted and didn’t want to move from the Villa and it was a perfect opportunity to start the holiday with a massage.

The therapist came in with her table and looked so small and unassuming.

I lay down covered by a beautiful balinese sarong. From the first very compression I started to unwind, consciously breathing and melting into the table. Her pressure was deep and as she melted away the tension I started to feel myself again.

20 minutes into the massage I opened my eyes wide through the face hole looking at a bowl of beautiful frangipani flowers. 'Yes, a massage course would be perfect. I'll do a course until I work out what I want to do.'

Inspired after my massage I jumped of the table looked up courses and found one that was starting on my return. Nervous and excited I was going back to study.

I loved every minute of my course. I participated, studied and practiced my heart out. Classes I missed I would catch up on and I had my head constantly in a muscle book. For the first time I loved