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Remedial Sports Massage

Supporting your active body with remedial sports massage

Getting back into the gym? Need to prep for a big marathon? Or do you need to recover from a big event?

A sports massage treatment is for you!

Sports massage is a form of Remedial Massage specifically tailored to the athlete (or Weekend Warrior, First Time Gym Goer, and everyone in between!). The aim is injury prevention, rehabilitation and keeping you doing what you love and smashing those goals! 

Simply book a Remedial Massage and advise your therapist of your needs.

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Your customised massage treatment

Sports massage will typically target more superficial (closer to the surface) tissues of the body to boost circulation, getting that nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to the areas that need it most. We will loosen off tight areas and stimulate the movement of joints to enhance performance.

Empowering you

Your therapist may also identify areas of dysfunction or muscle groups that aren’t functioning properly, and give you some exercises or tips and tricks to aid your training and keep those pesky niggles at bay!

At Kala Body, we can incorporate ‘Sports Massage’ elements into any of our other remedial treatment options, discuss this with your therapist and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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Gym Workout

Improvements our clients experience

  • Increased circulation throughout the body

  • Less tension in muscles and connective tissue

  • Increase movement and function of joints

  • Decrease in aches, pain and inflammation

  • Improved function of musculoskeletal framework

  • Increased movement of fascia

  • Decrease stress, anxiety & a boost in mood

  • Improved flexibility or range of motion

  • Improved function of respiratory, digestive, lymphatic and nervous systems

  • Improved sleep



“Wow! First time seeking treatment through Remedial Massage and I’ll definitely be going back! Chloe was very welcoming and very easy to talk to. I already feel much better after my treatment and will definitely be going back. Her clinic is a very relaxing, non-clinical environment, one of the best massages I’ve had."

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Ready to empower your health & wellbeing through remedial sports massage?

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