Kala Body is open for business during this new stage 3 restrictions as we are classified an essential service. We are a clinic-based business with strict cleaning and hygiene procedures.

All our therapist are trained in the Australian Government released Covid-19 Infection Control Training so you can rest assured we are taking your health and ours very seriously.

Kala Body will always be transparent with our clients. In the event one of our therapists become sick, we will ensure the therapist do not work and they stay at home to recover. They will not be able to return to work until they are cleared to return. 


Below is the Kala Body Policy, if you can please follow this for everyone's safety during these uncertain times.



Do you have any symptoms - cough, sore throat, fever, fatigue?


Please reschedule your appointment for two weeks ahead if you or someone living with you have any cold or flu-like symptoms for the safety of our therapist and other clients.

No Cancellation Fees Apply During Restrictions if you present symptoms.

Note: If the therapist feels that you are showing symptoms they will ask you to reschedule on the day for the safety of all involved. If you have a complaint you can contact management

Complete Kala Body's Covid-19 Health Check Form

This form will be sent to you via SMS and must complete this before your appointment.

The checklist will ask you if you have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 or have any symptoms. 

The purpose of this checklist is purely for health and safety reasons. The information collected will not be shared with anyone other than your therapist and Kala Body Management.

Essential Treatments 

We are classified as an essential service by dhhs here. We ask that your appointment is related to a specific health concern only during this time.

We are busy during lockdown with cleaning preparation - please do not show up more than 5 minutes before your appointment.

Mandatory Mask

From 11.59 pm Wednesday 22nd July 2020, all Melbournians must wear masks when leaving home.

This includes attending your remedial massage appointment at Kala Body.


Government Updates in relation to Coronavirus can be found here:


If you have any questions before your appointment please contact


Temperature Check

We will check your temperature on arrival

Therapist Hygiene

Our therapists wash their hands before & after each appointment and during if required. Hand sanitizer may also be used during the appointment.

They will also practice social distancing when not treating. Please don't get offended.

Air Purifier

We try and open the windows & doors throughout the day to ensure there is always fresh air in the room, we also support this buy running an air purifier to keep the air clean in the room.


The therapist will wear a mask for their safety and yours.

Clients must wear a mask as required by DHHS.

Linen Hygiene

Kala Body towels are commercially laundered at 90 degrees and we use fresh clean towels for each client.

Wash Hands

​​Wash your hands before and after your appointment for 20 seconds (Bathroom is down the hall).​ 

Social Distancing

Practice Social Distancing (1.5 Metres) when not being treated. Avoid touching therapist - no handshakes, hugs etc.  If you need to sneeze or cough please do it into your arm or elbow. Ensure you wash /sanitise your hands after.

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