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Gifts for Father's Day 2020

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Are you stuck for ideas for your Dad? Feel like he has everything he needs?

If you have answered yes, we feel you.

It seems that everyone seems to have everything, but one thing people don't have a lot of is time. Time for themselves.

Kala Body specialises in giving time to clients in need of treatment.

Our remedial treatment will help anyone feel better and less stress, especially during these times.

So why not get your Dad a massage! He deserves it too, right.

Buy Online here

Major Benefits include:

  • reduced stress

  • improved mobility

  • reduced muscle tension

  • improve recovery from soft tissue injuries

Fathers Gift

Why not add on one of our health and wellbeing products to complete the gift. Choose from any of our products in our online shop.

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