Other Than Self Care, What Does a Pregnancy Massage do for Mums to be?

The goal of a pregnancy massage is to help improve and reduce aches and pains related to pregnancy and to help the body prepare for birth.

Our trained Pregnancy Massage Therapists achieve this with a combination of safe techniques that ease tense muscles related to pregnancy, as well as relax the nervous system.

At the end of the session, the therapist will advise the client of self-care to help during the pregnancy and between massages.

Special things we as therapists do to help you have the most comfort during a pregnancy massage is putting a special 'Dentons Pregnancy Pillow' under your belly from the second trimester.

We position you in a nurturing side-lying position and place another pillow between your knees.

This position will give you optimum comfort and support.

This being the safest position for your spine, it takes the pressure off your broad and round ligaments, as well as your lower back as your baby, grows.

A Postnatal Massage is about promoting the body to heal post-birth.