Tea Tree Oil - Benefits and How to Use

We are so lucky to have a trained Aromatherapist who is also a Remedial Therapist, instroducing Mamie.

Mamie has been kind enough to give us some amazing tips on how to use essential oils in everyday life.

History of Tea Tree

The Australian aborigines have long recognised the virtues of tee tree. The name of tea tree was first used by Captain Cook in 1777, to make a tea to prevent scurvy. The tea tree was first distilled in Australia in the 1920s.

Benefits of Tea Tree

Tea Tree Oil is a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

  • Immune system: very powerful immunostimulant, for people who repeatedly succumb to infections or who are very slow to recover from any illness.

  • Respiratory system: recommended for treatment of asthma,bronchitis,catarrh,coughs,sinusitis and whooping cough.

  • Skin care: acne,athlete's foot,blisters,burns,cold sores,dandruff,herpes,insect bites,oily skin rushes,verrucae,warts and wounds.