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Remedial Massage vs Sports Massage. What is the difference?

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We often get asked...what is sports massage!?

Essentially, Sports Massage falls under the umbrella term “Remedial Massage” - which refers to an outcome based massage treatment, using manual therapy or “hands-on” techniques such as deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and effleurage among others to bring about a positive change in your body!

Techniques aren’t limited to the ones above….and another technique often used by Remedial Massage Therapists is Sports Massage. Typically, Sports Massage is used pre-event (think game, marathon run, competition) to stimulate and help to warm up the body. The massage ‘strokes’ or techniques used are usually faster and more superficial contact is made with the clients body to increase circulation, and ‘wake up’ the muscles, rather than leaning into areas or concentrating on a specific area or problem.

Sports Massage

For example, this is the kind of treatment you would see football players or athletes receiving on the side lines.

If you would like to get a Sports Massage treatment just let your therapist know.

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